How Your Team is Impacted by Accounts Receivable Software: Customer Service

Traditionally, accounts receivable software is viewed as a piece of technology that is only benefited by the accounts receivable department. Although it is true that those on the credit and collections team’s lives are made much easier, they’re not the only ones that see a decrease in workload from the software.

In previous blog posts, we covered how the C-Suite is able to better understand how the business is working and how much cash flow is available, in turn allowing them to be better decision makers. The credit manager has more transparency into their team and is able to better manage each employee by seeing their workload and assigning them accounts. Today, we’re going to look at how accounts receivable software affects customer service.

Sales Management
Usually your sales team has a really good relationship with each customer. Without that solid relationship, you probably wouldn’t have sold any product or services. With accounts receivable software that is integrated into your CRM software, sales reps are able to check up on their accounts and see how the collections process is going. If they sense some trouble, they can offer some advice and helpful information to the collections team to keep the relationship in tact while also helping to get paid on time.

The Customers
Everyone wants to be able to access information at the click of a button. The longer someone is required to wait, the more annoyed they get and the more likely they are to say they had a bad experience. If a customer wants to access their account information and past invoices, they can using accounts receivable software. They can also pay their bills with a click of a button through an automated email. This is all done through a customer payment portal in the accounts receivable software, giving your customers a better experience.

Customer Service
There’s not much a customer service agent can do for a disgruntled customer if they can’t see into their account information. Without the documentation on invoice disputes, shipment and pending online payments, their hands are tied. Accounts receivable software gives them this access. Further, customers don’t have to call in and wait on hold to talk to someone. They can simply log into their account and open up a live chat, which is logged into the accounts receivable software. This makes your customer service experience better and faster.

Once accounts receivable software is implemented, customers will notice a difference in the service at your company. Issues will move quickly, they will have access to their own account information and they will have a better relationship with you.

In the next blog post of this series we’re going to take a look at how even the third party agencies that you work with can benefit from accounts receivable software.

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