Adoption of the Anytime Collect App for Faster QuickBooks Invoice Collection Continues to Grow

QuickBooks invoice collection(Chardon, OH) August 13, 2015- e2b teknologies, developers of Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software, today announced that the adoption of the new Anytime Collect QuickBooks App continues to gain traction among the QuickBooks user community.
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QuickBooks Invoicing and Receivables Management Best Practices


While QuickBooks helps you create invoices and store important account and contact information, it does little to help with the actual receivables management process.This tedious and often times overwhelming task is then left to the people in charge of collecting payment from customers who must design and carry out  an effective A/R strategy; a task that is much easier said than done.

Because QuickBooks does not provide tools to manage the process from beginning to end, it is critical that accounts receivables professionals use proven invoicing and receivables management best practices to make sure payments are received on time and nothing falls through the cracks.

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