5 Tips for Managing Quickbooks Accounts Receivable

Although QuickBooks may do a fantastic job at managing your businesses accounting needs, it may not be making your life any easier with accounts receivable. The software isn’t made to streamline or automate the accounts receivable process, so sometimes it takes a little extra work.  Usually accounts receivable issues stem from poor management, which can be solved with these 4 QuickBooks accounts receivable tips.

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Why QuickBooks Accounts Receivable is Failing You

It is pretty clear once you have outgrown a system, but for some reason we have a difficult time expanding our technology. We try to hold onto it as along as possible, even when, in the end, it’s hurting our business. You wouldn’t try to walk around in shoes a size too small everyday if you had outgrown them, so why not do the same with your QuickBooks accounts receivable. QuickBooks is great for managing financials, but it simply doesn’t achieve what you need for your accounts receivable. Luckily, you don’t have to toss QuickBooks just to automate your accounts receivable, but simply add an accounts receivable application.
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5 Killer Tips for Managing Accounts Receivable in QuickBooks

Managing accounts receivable in QuickBooks is no simple task, and getting paid on time is a lot harder than most people think. Most of the time companies struggle with late payments and cash flow not because they are providing poor service or low quality products, but because their accounts receivable management strategy is missing or glancing over a few important details. Here are 5 simple tactics to help you improve you’re A/R strategy for faster QuickBooks invoice collection to help you access the cash you need to grow your business.
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Medical Collections Company Automates QuickBooks Accounts Receivable for Improved Credit Collections Performance

QuickBooks Accounts Receivable ManagementJanuary 08, 2015, Chardon, OH- Today e2b teknologies, publishers of Anytime Collect credit and collection management software, announced a nation-wide medical collection company implemented Anytime Collect to automate their internal QuickBooks accounts receivable process.
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Staffing & Technology Company Chooses Anytime Collect for Automated Quickbooks Accounts Receivable

July 16, 2014, Chardon, Ohio- e2b teknologies, publishers of Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software, today announced a leading staffing and technology company has chosen Anytime Collect for automated QuickBooks accounts receivable management.

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HealthDay Subscribes to Healthier with Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable for QuickBooks

 Accounts Receivable for QuickBooksHealthDay has been producing award-winning health news since 2001. Its editorial staff – comprised of more than 50 seasoned journalists and medical writers – has won numerous journalistic awards including the Pulitzer Prize. HealthDay has grown to be the largest syndicated health news service for the Internet. Currently, it provides content to more than 5,000 websites a day. Continue reading