Reduce DSO in 6 Easy Steps

To keep a business running, you need cash flow. As obvious as this is, cash flow isn’t always what it is expected to be. You may make a lot of sales, but if customers aren’t paying their invoices on time you will be running on empty.  Each industry has its own average days sales outstanding (DSO), but one fact remains: the best way to increase cash flow is to reduce DSO.
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Best Practices in Measuring and Tracking Days Sales Outstanding

Days Sales OutstandingDays sales outstanding (DSO) is among one of the most popular accounts receivable metrics tracked by businesses, and while it is indeed a valuable one, there is a right way and a wrong way to interpret it as a part of your accounts receivable performance puzzle.

That is not to say that DSO is not important; it absolutely is provided you review it in the right context.
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