How To Reduce Bad Debt in QuickBooks & Avoid Write Offs

Bad Debt in QuickBooksWhen you write off bad debt in QuickBooks that means you’ve tried everything to get paid but for some reason you’ve given up and you’re accepting the fact that you’re not going to collect the full amount owed to your company. This can happen for many reasons, but no matter the cause, it can have a huge impact on your business, so it’s in your best interest to keep bad debt write offs to a minimum. This of course is easier said than done; in order to reduce the frequency of writing off bad debt in QuickBooks, you need to understand the impact it’s having on your business, recognize the warning signs of impending write-offs, have a plan to manage them, and have the tools and strategies in place to put your plans in motion. It’s a big job, but this blog can help you get started.

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