Enhance Epicor Financial Management with Automated Accounts Receivable Collection

Automated Accounts Receivable CollectionWhile people and processes are the backbone of any company, true success ultimately lies in an organizations ability to take those assets to build and maintain a profitable business. One of the key elements of profitability is working capital and cash flow, making A/R management a critical area of focus for any company; because if you cannot collect the money owed to you, you’ll soon be losing money instead of making it. The goal of Epicor financial management software is to help companies achieve profitability through integrated financial tools, including A/R management capabilities, but they are limited and still require time consuming manual processes that open you up to errors and the potential for an invoice to slip through the cracks. You can enhance Epicor Financial Management tools with an automated accounts receivable collection module to help you standardize and streamline the invoice management and collection process to save time and increase cash flow.

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