Your Role on the Accounts Receivable Team

Maintaining a healthy cash flow starts with maintaining a healthy accounts receivable team. These teams should have a set process in place when it comes to dealing with disputes, extending credit and calling on collections. Every organization may be different, from the number of members on its accounts receivable team to the roles that are in place, but, overall, every member should be invested in improving accounts receivable. Below are the five roles every company should have and should be a part of the accounts receivable team.

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Top Performing AR Management Tips

Having good AR management leads to successes in nearly every other area of the business. This often seems easier said than done, however. What many companies want to know is how to implement the best AR management possible. It is usually much easier for a B2C company to do than in B2B. In retail, customers aren’t usually purchasing on payment terms, while at B2B you are putting a lot of trust into your customer’s hands. Keeping a tight rein AR management in a B2B company is usually what it takes. Below we’ve listed the 6 steps top performing B2B companies are using to have AR management excellence.

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4 Reasons to Get Excited About AP & AR Management Automation

accounts receivable automationThere is a growing number of companies who are looking to automate AP and AR management processes. Historically these are back-office processes that were considered just a part of doing business, but today they’re coming to the forefront as a way for companies to become more efficient, eliminate paper, and gain better visibility and control over both sides of the general ledger. But why exactly are companies choosing to replace manual processes with automated ones?
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5 Reasons to Study Up on AR Management Automation

AR Management While it is true that each individual department plays a role in increasing the cash flow needed for sustained profitability, the real work falls on the shoulders of those responsible for collecting invoices.  How long does it take for you to collect an invoice after it’s mailed? Have you ever thought about how you can improve your processes and systems to shorten that cycle and improve cash flow?  Take a close look at your current process for managing collections, is it mostly manual? If so, you and your organization stand to benefit greatly by learning more about AR management automation software.
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Global Expansion of Anytime Collect AR Management Software Continues with New Multilingual Translations

AR managementChardon, Ohio April 14, 2015 – Anytime Collect, the popular AR management software from e2b teknologies, is now available in multiple languages for global accounts receivable credit and collections management. Originally released in English, the software is now available in Anglicized English (UK), Spanish, Portuguese, and Hebrew with additional translations planned for later this year.
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Uncovering the Value of AR Management Software

AR Management The market for CCM software has literally exploded in the past few years , but why in the world are companies like yours considering and/or using AR management software? The answer should be pretty easy – to get paid faster and easier, to improve working capital, and to reduce credit risk. But there is much more that today’s AR management software can offer if you carefully select the right application, you implement it properly, and you dedicate yourself to use it to gain new efficiencies in your business.
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Anytime Collect A/R Management Software to Introduce QuickBooks ProAdvisor Program at Scaling New Heights Conference

Chardon, Ohio, June 12, 2014- Today, e2b teknologies, a Silver Certified QuickBooks Solutions Developer,  announced that the company will sponsor the 2014 Scaling New Heights Conference and exhibit Anytime Collect, the company’s Silver Certified accounts receivable management solution for QuickBooks. A new partner program available exclusively for QuickBooks ProAdvisors will also be showcased where parnters can resell, refer, and provide training and consulting for Anytime Collect on behalf of their clients. Continue reading