How to Put Accounts Receivable on Auto-Pilot Part 1

A majority of time that is wasted in business is because employees are doing manual tasks. Not only do these simply take up a majority of the day because they are repeatedly entering in redundant information, but they are prone to error. Once those mistakes are made, more time is spent going back to see where the issue is and how to fix it. By simply putting these manual tasks in accounts receivable on auto-pilot you can become more efficient, save money and collect faster. In this three-part series, we will cover 19 ways you can put your accounts receivable on auto-pilot.
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The Cost of Not Automating Accounts Receivable

Once you get in the habit of something, it can be hard sometimes to take a step back and realize that it may be a process that is hurting you more than it is helping.  Advances in technology, however, are changing every day and a lot of the processes you might be doing manually could be made a lot easier. The easier these tasks are made, as well, will also decrease your costs, as well. We’re going to lay out the true cost of not automating your accounts receivable processes.
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5 Reasons to Study Up on AR Management Automation

AR Management While it is true that each individual department plays a role in increasing the cash flow needed for sustained profitability, the real work falls on the shoulders of those responsible for collecting invoices.  How long does it take for you to collect an invoice after it’s mailed? Have you ever thought about how you can improve your processes and systems to shorten that cycle and improve cash flow?  Take a close look at your current process for managing collections, is it mostly manual? If so, you and your organization stand to benefit greatly by learning more about AR management automation software.
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Let Accounts Receivable Automation Software Make You A Collections Star

We’ve been writing quite a bit about the fears keeping people from implementing accounts receivable automation software such as the fear of putting A/R in the cloud or the loss of process control. One of the other major fears that collectors or credit managers have is that by utilizing an automation system they are in some way failing to do their jobs. This is an enormous misconception! In fact, accounts receivable automation software does just the opposite! Your going to look like an accounts receivable rock star when you start being more productive, chipping away at DSO, and improving other metrics that directly impact cash flow.

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Publishers of Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable Automation Software Announces New Website

Chardon, OH, February 11, 2014- e2b teknologies, publisher of Anytime Collect accounts receivable automation software recently launched its new website, The site features a modern design with information and resources for prospective customers and partners with specific information for a wide range of industries including advertising, media, agriculture, business services, manufacturing, distribution, and many more. Continue reading