Evaluating Accounts Receivable Collections Software Options

Accounts Receivable Collections In a recent article we highlighted 8 of the major features you should evaluate when choosing accounts receivable collections software such as, automation, alerts, notifications, reporting, deployment options, user types, invoicing, integration, and more. Although features and functions are essential for success with your system, there is much more that goes into making your selection than the application itself; you must also consider the vendors, their background, and how to calculate your potential return on investment.
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How to Identify Underlying Problems to Improve Accounts Receivable Collections

accounts receivable collectionsTo be successful in accounts receivable collections, you must be proactive and remain observant in order to identify underlying problems with both your customers and with your own internal processes. By catching these issues early on you can avoid them ballooning into more serious problems. When your customers give you feedback, don’t just take it at face value, consider what they may be holding back or what that means about the way you manage collections. Ask yourself, what is the customer REALLY saying? and how are your internal processes impacting your accounts receivable collections? Here are just a few examples to consider: Continue reading