Payment Processer Automates Accounts Receivable for Sage 100 ERP

Chardon, Ohio December 11, 2014  – Today e2b teknologies announced a new customer has chosen Anytime Collect credit collection software to automate accounts receivable for Sage 100 ERP. The customer, a full service payment processing company, chose Anytime Collect to enhance the accounts receivable functionality in Sage 100 ERP, replace manual processes, and increase cash flow through faster invoice collection.

Prior to implementing Anytime Collect, the company relied on a combination of Sage 100 ERP and Microsoft Access to manage their invoices. This required collectors to spend far too much time on administrative activities such as updating spreadsheets and identify outstanding invoices, and not enough time talking with customers and settling disputes. Because of manual processes such as these the company struggled to collect invoices on time despite their best efforts. Aware of the impact that late payments can have on a company’s cash flow, the payment processor set out in search of a solution and found their answer in Anytime Collect.

The company chose Anytime Collect because the system is able to uphold the many critical security measures expected of a company in the payment processing industry. Furthermore, Anytime Collect credit collection software extends the features of Sage 100 ERP to automate and streamline the entire accounts receivable management process. Anytime Collect centralizes all of the company’s accounts receivable information and activities in one system and allows users to automate their most time consuming tasks; such as scheduling phone-calls, sending payment reminders and overdue notices, prioritizing collector activities, archiving customer email responses, and other critical activities to help them collect invoices faster than their manual processes ever would have allowed.

“It can be extremely frustrating when you spend so much time and effort on something but still fail to see results,” said Adam Lynch, Anytime Collect Sales Manager at e2b teknologies. “Manual processes require collectors to spend a majority of their time and effort in the wrong places. With Anytime Collect they can now focus their energies on the activities that drive results. By pulling all of their information into one place and automating their most time consuming daily tasks, Anytime Collect allows companies to spend less time organizing data and more time acting on it.”

About Anytime Collect: 
Published by e2b teknologies, Anytime Collect credit collection software is a leading cloud-based accounts receivables management software system designed to streamline the entire credit and collections process helping companies get paid faster. Anytime Collect is integrated to leading ERP accounting systems including Intuit QuickBooks, Epicor, Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics ERP, and other business applications.


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