New Document Management Features Coming Soon in Anytime Collect Accounts Receivable Management Software

June 26, 2014, Chardon, OH- Today e2b teknologies, publishers of Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software, announced that new document management capabilities will be available in the latest version of the software to be released in July, 2014. With the new document management system, businesses will be able to provide their customers with the supporting documents required to collect on accounts receivable. The system will also allow businesses to manage all types of documents including business credit applications and files related to the customer account for quick access to this information internally or integrated with the Anytime Collect customer portal for customer self-service.

“Documents and files are paramount to managing credit and collections,” said e2b teknologies President Lynne Henslee. “With these enhancements to Anytime Collect, businesses will be able to manage any type of file related to their customers including supporting documents like proof of delivery or timesheets. Companies will also have the ability to manage business credit applications for new customers that are too difficult to track in a database due to the variations in information companies have when making credit decisions for new accounts.”

The new document management features will grant credit and collection professionals the ability to manage virtually any type of document in a cloud storage directory where they can organize information related to the customer account into subdirectories. This information can then be restricted for internal use or extended to customers for self-service access from the Anytime Collect Customer Portal. The Customer Portal will allow customers to upload documents such as purchase orders or new business credit applications through the system to share with collection representatives. An alert within the software notifies the credit and collection representative that new documents are available for review.

The upcoming release also includes a built-in calendar where businesses can define days that they are unavailable for collections activities – such as holidays or weekends. This is useful so that the automated workflow engine creates phone calls or other activities only on days when the collector is available to complete the scheduled activity.  All of these new features will be available in the new version of Anytime Collect to be released at the end of July, 2014.

About Anytime Collect

Anytime Collect is a leading cloud-based accounts receivables management system integrated to leading ERP accounting systems including Intuit QuickBooks, Epicor, Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, and others. Anytime Collect is designed specifically for businesses selling to other businesses on credit terms as opposed to other software designed for credit agencies or business to consumer credit and collections.

About e2b teknologies

e2b teknologies is a Microsoft Managed Partner providing cloud-based business software applications and business services to progressive businesses worldwide. e2b anytime apps is the publisher of Anytime Supply Chain, enterprise-class supply chain management software, Anytime Collect, credit and collections management software, Anytime Commerce, B2B ecommerce platform, and related anytime brand products. e2b enterprise develops custom cloud-based business applications, and resells ERP accounting software, CRM, and other enterprise business software applications from Sage, Epicor, SugarCRM, and other leading publishers.

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