Accounts Receivable Management Report: How Do Midmarket B2B Companies Manage A/R? Is it Working?

As publishers of accounts receivable management software, we work with companies of all kinds who operate across various industries. Our customers come to us struggling with invoice collection issues directly related to a lack of standardized procedures, inefficient processes, and a staff who is overwhelmed by the huge amount of time and energy it takes to collect outstanding receivables.

Why? Because many of them are not using the right tools for the job. We see the same situations time and time again, which made us wonder… what tools are B2B companies using to manage A/R and how prevalent is this problem in the B2B sector? To this end we developed our survey which investigates how B2B’s in the mid-market manage accounts receivable and why they’re losing thousands each year due to ineffective collections strategies. We knew there was an accounts receivable problem, but even we were shocked by the results.

The report, available below, outlines the parameters of our survey, analyzes the results, and provides an in-depth explanation of our findings and what they mean for this large category of businesses.

Click here to download the report and survey results.

We will continue to publish updates to this report as more data becomes available. Please Click here to be a part of our ongoing survey! 

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