Managing Time With Law Firm Collections Software

Attorneys are put in a difficult spot when it comes to collections. It is critical that the clients you represent maintain a great relationship in order to give the best legal counsel, however, having to call and ask them to pay on their delinquent invoices doesn’t always help that relationship. Plus, how often do you truly have time to call every client that hasn’t paid? As a result, you’re usually waiting on payment from a few clients, missing out on the cash flow you need. Using law firm collections software can help manage your time by automating most of the process and prioritizing your calls.

  1. Workflows
    A majority of time spent collecting is planning out who needs to be called and what needs to be said. Using law firm collections software cuts down on this time by alerting you to the accounts that need the most attention. Every time you log in, you can see which accounts need to be called first based on who is the latest on paying or who owes the most money.
  2. Automation
    Law firm collections software automates almost the entire process of collections. Invoices can be sent automatically once a service is provided. Invoices can be pre-made off a template and you simply have to enter in items such as billable time and total amount due. This takes a lot of the process off your busy schedule, allowing for more time focusing on the client.
  3. Online Bill Pay
    Clients have busy lives too, so it’s important to make the payment process as easy as possible. Instead of waiting to receive a check in the mail and praying it doesn’t bounce, clients can receive the invoice via email and simply click a button to pay now. By making the process simpler, you’re more likely to see payment faster.
  4. Maintain Customer Relationship
    As mentioned before, calling clients to receive payment is always a sore subject. Since you need to maintain a good relationship with clients, it’s key you don’t lose it over a delinquent invoice. Leveraging law firm collections software can help to maintain the best relationship. Often times customers can’t pay on time because they haven’t received the invoice or the invoice contained the wrong information. By using the software, these types of mistakes are eliminated, meaning you’re making less of those dreadful phone calls.

Most attorney’s specialty is in the law and representing their clients, not becoming a collection agency. Law firm collections software does that type of work for you, and does it well, leaving you to do what you enjoy doing best. By automating the process, using workflows and offering an online bill pay option, you’re able to collect more and worry about calling clients for money less.

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