Fire Protection Company Extinguishes Late Invoices With Automated Accounts Receivable for QuickBooks

Sage 300 ERP Accounts ReceivableJanuary 15, 2015, Chardon, OH- e2b teknologies, publishers of Anytime Collect accounts receivable management software, today announced a new customer. The new customer, a provider of fire suppression systems, technology, and services chose Anytime Collect to improve accounts receivable for QuickBooks and replace inefficient manual processes.

Prior to implementing Anytime Collect, the company was forced to manage hundreds of invoices using the limited features in their QuickBooks system. This meant relying on aging reports, spreadsheets, and other inefficient methods; all of which slowed the overall invoice collection process making it difficult to collect payment within terms. Realizing that much of their working capital was being tied up in outstanding receivables, the company set out in search of a solution.

Anytime Collect is a Silver Certified Solution for Intuit QuickBooks that puts accounts receivable for QuickBooks on auto-pilot. The system pulls information directly from the company’s QuickBooks system, centralizing accounts receivable information to reduce the time wasted finding and managing data. The system also automates critical, yet time consuming processes like sending reminder letters and past due notices. Further, the system allows the company to create, store, and automatically send PDF copies of the invoices to their customers, provides collectors with a prioritized to-do list, schedules follow-up activities, and much more. Learn more about the features in Anytime Collect here.

One of the main goals of the company in their search for a solution to their invoice collection problems was to lower days sales outstanding (DSO). They chose Anytime Collect because it has proven itself in helping companies of all shapes and sizes get paid faster and attain their DSO goals. In fact, Paystream Advisors reported that a solution like Anytime Collect can help companies reduce DSO by 10-20%. The company was also intrigued by their ability to offer customers online bill pay; a feature within Anytime Collect that allows collectors to email a hyperlink to customers, granting them access to a PCI-compliant payment portal where they can quickly and easily pay invoices instantly via credit card or ACH.

“The customer simply did not have the tools or the workflow they needed to optimize invoice collection which is a problem many QuickBooks users face,” said Adam Lynch, Anytime Collect Sales Manager at e2b teknologies. “Anytime Collect solved their problems by automating daily tasks, organizing information, and telling collectors exactly what they need to do and when they need to do it to collect invoices on time, reduce DSO, and minimize bad debt write-offs. Furthermore, it’s a cloud-based solution so it’s easy to deploy and requires virtually no IT resources.”

The QuickBooks Edition of Anytime Collect is available from Intuit’s solution marketplace where customers can sign-up for a complimentary trial of the software.


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