Anytime Collect Update Improves Customer Assignment with New Invoice Line Item Detail Import

Sage 500 Accounts ReceivableDecember 15, 2015 – Chardon, OH – e2b teknologies today announced an update to the company’s accounts receivable management software, Anytime CollectThe software update includes improved features to automate customer account assignment to credit representatives and inquiry users in the application, as well as a new invoice line item detail import available for most ERP business applications.

To ensure invoices never slip through the cracks, assignment of customer accounts to credit and collection staff can now be defined and automated based on customer type, geographic location, assigned sales rep, account aging, account status, credit score, parent company demographics, and any combination of nearly 100 different user-defined criteria.

Auto assignment can be set up to occur when a new customer is added from the ERP system the first time, or when information for existing customers is changed or updated in the ERP system. For example, an assignment rule may be setup where one credit representative is assigned to all customers who have a particular sales rep. If the sales rep is changed for an account in the ERP system, Anytime Collect will automatically reassign the account to the correct credit representative.

The software update also includes invoice line item details synchronized from ERP business systems. This is extremely valuable for those customers that are not leveraging PDF copies of their actual invoices, via e2b docs or another document management solution, as it provides collectors with direct access to invoice details from within the Anytime Collect system, while customers can access invoice line item details via the embedded and secure self-service portal.

“These two new features were added as a direct result of feedback we received from customers,” said Lynne Henslee, President of e2b teknologies. “We’re leveraging technology to make it easier for credit professionals to manage their customer account portfolio so they can spend more time focusing on high priority activities such as making phone calls, resolving disputes, and improving the customer experience.”

The latest release was published last week for all active customers and is available to new customers implementing Anytime Collect or Epicor Cash Collect.

About Anytime Collect:

Anytime Collect, published by e2b teknologies (, is a leading cloud-based accounts receivables management system integrated to popular ERP accounting systems including Epicor ERP, Sage ERP, Microsoft Dynamics, Intuit QuickBooks, and others. Anytime Collect is designed specifically for businesses selling to other businesses on credit terms to streamline and automate the entire accounts receivable credit and collections process with a return on investment in as little as two months.

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