5 Ways to Gain Time in Credit Management

If you have to talk to customers all day who are giving excuses for why they can’t pay you on time, then your job can get easily frustrating. In the field of credit management, productivity can be difficult with how much stress and frustration comes along with the work. On top of that, often times credit management teams find themselves buried in invoices, unpaid accounts and calls that need to be made. Without proper time management, the job can become seriously stressful.

So, what do you do in credit management when things start to seem like they’re getting too overwhelming? Take a step back and consider a new way to approach the job. These 5 tips are a great place to start.

  1. Find A Way To Automate
    There are likely manual tasks in credit management that you are doing over and over that could be automated. For example, are you writing the same letter over and over again or spend half of your day searching for who an invoice needs to be sent to? These are tasks that, with the help of software, wouldn’t need to be touched again. If you eliminated these from your daily schedule, you would have more time and less stress.
  2. Go Digital
    Most credit management offices are leaning this way, or should be. Finding paper files is a hassle and extremely time consuming. If a paper file goes missing, time is wasted searching and then spent recreating that document. It is much easier to simply keep all these important files in an easily shareable folder on a computer, and costs less too.
  3. Cut Back on Meetings
    At least $37 billion is reported to be wasted on meetings every year in the United States. If possible, skip meetings that aren’t necessary for you to go to. If you can’t skip, make sure that the meetings have an agenda to stick to. It is easy to slide off topic, so keeping everything in order and having a goal for the meeting will help to speed things along.
  4. Have a To-Do List
    This is one of the easiest ways to be productive and stay on track. Don’t just write down what you need to get done that day, either. Prioritize each task from what needs to be done right now to what can wait maybe till next week. As you check these off your list, you’ll start to feel the stress slide away.
  5. Take a Break
    Surprisingly, the easiest way to stay focused and get more work down is by…..taking a break! Give yourself some time to relax by taking a walk around the office or going to get a fresh cup of coffee. Once you get back, you’ll find you’re even more productive in your credit management activities.

Some of these tips can be applied to other areas of life besides just credit management, but the most important tips is learning where you can automate tasks. You would be surprised by how many daily to-do activities can be done by your computer without lifting a finger. Once these tasks have been automated, you can focus on doing the most important tasks and doing them well.


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